Our Expertise

Substation Maintenance


Electrical Equipment and infrastructure represent a large investment to the consumers that is critical to the continued reliability of their plant services. Belwood Electric performs yearly substation maintenance to ensure the continued operation.

Electrical Services


Belwood Electric has a dedicated and professional team who perform all type of high and low voltage installation, troubleshooting of problems and issues and provide effective solution while maintaining standard and quality.

Power System Engineering


Belwood Electric offers a service of extensive power system engineering studies for the customers by technically sound engineers. We are committed to provide advanced engineering solutions for reliability and sustainability of the power system.

Sectors We Serve

Health Care Facilities


We offer our full range of electrical services to the health care facilities, we provide best technical expertise and are available in electrical emergencies to ensure continuous operation of the facility.



Belwood Electric has set its name at the top of a list of most reliable electrical service providers. We have an excellent technical abilities working on commercial site. Our commercial customers are always satisfied with our work.



Industrial consumers are of high importance. The industrial business is mainly based on assembly line running. Any downtime can impact the productivity and profitability of the business. We can keep your system up to date by troubleshooting and providing recommendations.

Cities and Municipalities


From small towns and villages to the metropolitan cities, Belwood Electric has served customers of all regions. We have been praised for our efforts and now we have a very proud customer base.

Ski Resorts


Belwood Electric has been serving many ski clubs and resort in the Southern Ontario. We have experience and dedication to perform all electrical related services in order to provide safe and reliable adventurous experience.

Renewable Energy


Belwood Electric has come across number of wind and solar plant electrical services, that include, installation, commissioning and maintenance of plant on regular basis. We strive to accomplish the task in hand with advanced knowledge in renewable energy.